Blood Assay Solutions

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What Blood Assay Solutions can do for you?

  • Sourcing fresh blood from healthy donors and using it to carry out whole blood assays
  • Providing you with basic information about donors: gender, age, blood group
  • Testing up to 10 donors simultaneously (depending on assay design)
  • Sourcing and carrying out assays with blood from patients with specific diseases
  • Sourcing and carrying out assays with animal blood (including different primate species e.g. cynomolgus, rhesus)
  • Developing assays according to your needs
  • Repeating assays on a regular basis e.g. to support quality control
  • Storing supernatants from your assays (-20°C or -80°C)
  • Carrying out multiplex readouts (ask us for quotation)


We obtain blood from qualified healthy adult donors who gave their informed consent for research.
Blood Assay Solutions activities are covered by professional liability insurance.

Please note that Blood Assay Solutions doesn’t sell blood or blood-derived products.