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In vitro tests on fresh primary cells

Blood Assay Solutions tests your products on fresh whole blood. Unlike in vitro assays using isolated PBMC, whole blood assays are carried out in the presence of all normal blood components i.e. PBMC, autologous serum, red blood cells, platelets. In addition, there is no antibiotic, no animal serum, no trace of cryoprotectant interfering with your results.

Our predefined InBlood Assay™ tests allow you to quickly evaluate the bioactivity of your products on primary cells in whole blood.

We also develop customized assays based on the use of fresh whole blood to suit your needs for discovery and preclinical programs.

What makes Blood Assay Solutions different ?

Thanks to a pre-negotiated access to fresh whole blood, Blood Assay Solutions carries out your tests quickly. These tests can be done on blood from several donors allowing you to extend the validity of your results to different individuals. For selected cytokine readouts, we use a FRET-based technique (HTRF®) which has several advantages over ELISA: homogenous i.e. no multiple incubation/washing steps, lower assay volume, better dynamic range and lower background.

Who uses these tests ?

There are blood assays to support and to speed up the decision-making process, whether you are:

  • A biotech or a pharmaceutical company developing biologics or small molecules (e.g. cytokine or cytokine receptor antagonists, JAK/STAT inhibitors)
  • A manufacturer of research products (reagents, cell culture plasticware)
  • A company producing cosmetics
  • A company developing food supplements e.g. probiotics

HTRF® is a proprietary technology and a registered trademark of Cisbio Bioassays


If you plan to order assays requiring three (3) 96-well plates or more, you may be eligible to a discount.

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Application note on whole blood assays

Download the application note written with Cisbio.

Assessment of neutrophil activity

A simple whole blood assay shown to be as informative as invasive experimental techniques. PLoS ONE article

New publication co-authored by Blood Assay Solutions

« Toll-Like Receptors: Ligands, Cell-Based Models, and Readouts for Receptor Action » Abstract

Other applications

  • Bioactivity testing
  • Modulation of inflammation and immunotoxicity
  • Cytokine storm and cytokine release syndrome
  • Immunogenicity
  • Cross-species reactivity and toxicology studies
  • Vaccine development: adjuvant, specific immune response
  • Pyrogen detection – Monocyte activation test
  • Cell culture plasticware and reagents
  • Allergenicity

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